Dr. Julian Schulze


Current position:    Scientist/Lecturer

Adress:                  Ruhr University Bochum

                              Department of Electrical Engineering   

                              Room ID 1/545

Email:                    schulze(at)aept.rub.de

Phone:                   0049-234-32-23482

Latest papers:      1. The effect of realistic heavy particle        

                                  induced secondary electron emission

                                  coefficients on the electron power

                                  absorption dynamics in single- and dual-

                                  frequency capacitively coupled plasmas,

                                  M. Daksha, A. Derzsi, S. Wilczek, J.

                                  Trieschmann, T. Mussenbrock,

                                  P. Awakowicz, Z. Donko, J. Schulze,

                                  Plasma Sourc. Sci. Technol. 2017 26


                              2. Striations in electronegative capacitively

                                  coupled radio-frequency plasmas:

                                  Effects of the pressure, voltage,

                                  and electrode gap, Y.-X. Liu, I. Korolov,

                                  E. Schüngel, Y.-N. Wang, Z. Donko, J.

                                  Schulze, Phys. of Plasmas 2017 24