Dr. Julian Schulze


Current position:    Scientist/Lecturer

Adress:                  Ruhr University Bochum

                              Department of Electrical Engineering   

                              Room ID 1/545

Email:                    schulze(at)aept.rub.de

Phone:                   0049-234-32-23482

Latest papers:      1. Disrupting the spatio-temporal

                                  symmetry of the electron dynamics in    

                                  atmospheric pressure plasmas by voltage

                                  waveform tailoring, A. Gibson, Z. Donko, L.

                                  Alelyani, L. Bischoff, G. Hübner, J.

                                  Bredin, S. Doyle, I. Korolov, K. Niemi, T.

                                  Mussenbrock, P. Hartmann, J. P.

                                  Dedrick, J. Schulze, T. Gans, and D.

                                  O`Connell, Plasma Sourc. Sci. Technol.,


                              2. Experimental and computational

                                  investigations of electron dynamics in

                                  micro atmospheric pressure radio-

                                  frequency plasma jets operated in He/N2

                                  mixtures, L. Bischoff, G. Hübner, I.

                                  Korolov, Z. Donko, P. Hartmann, T.

                                  Gans, J. Held, V. Schulz-von der Gatten,

                                  Y. Liu, T. Mussenbrock, and J. Schulze,

                                  Plasma Sourc. Sci. Technol. accepted